Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Imperial Commando

Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign Setting
Imperial Faction
Levels 1-10

Imperial Commando is a campaign designed for Imperial Scout Troopers. Players may build their characters however they want provided the GM issues Scout Trooper armor and later speeder bikes for the missions and a command outpost stocked with any gear scouts might need to buy.

Set to begin 0.2 ABY when the invasion of Ralltiir has been halted by criminal and Rebel forces and reassigned a blockade. For several years Ralltiir with its varied inhabitable environments existed as a valuable proving ground for troopers, tactics, and weapon systems for all sides of the conflict.

Blockade of Ralltiir
"The neat thing about the old and the new buildings on Ralltiir is that they aren't, as near as I can tell, segregated based on economic conditions. On some planets, you get all the old classical-style buildings in the more run-down sections of the world, and the more modern-looking buildings in the newer sections where there's more traffic. That's not the case on Ralltiir."

Level 1
Players are assigned to PX-4 Ident: MCB 08-Cresh as an adjunct of Stormtrooper Division 368 tasked with securing a ghetto in the towering urban sprawl of Grallia.
Mission 1: Sniper Trace
Mission 2: Clear Walkway

Level 2
Mission 1: Secure Building
Mission 2: Eliminate Heavy Weapons Emplacement